Monday, July 26, 2010


Having a HUGE BLOWOUT SALE ON COSMETICS at MKC Beauty Academy in L.A. I just posted it today. $5 NARS Palette, 40% off MAKEUP FOREVER and much more!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chad Otto and Alondra Shoot

Shoot with Chad Otto and Alondra

These images have a bit of a dark appeal.  I've been wanting to do this for a long time now. It's nice to get some edgier images into my port.

Friday, May 7, 2010


This seems to be one of the ‘million dollar’ questions…
The answer will vary based on who you are asking and what product lines you are using. There isn’t always a such a specific procedure to makeup application. This might not seem to be the case as you walk from counter to counter inquiring about what’s proper. Every cosmetic line will have an artist and technique standing behind it. The artist will base their technique on prior training and knowledge or they will base it on the product line formula. Sometimes it’s just a ‘What’s first? The chicken or the egg?’ matter. Everywhere you go you will hear a different answer and occasionally you may bump into a mad makeup maiden who will turn your lips into a 12 step program… Cocktail Please!
Apply a lip liner before you apply the lipstick or gloss. You’ll find that your color will last much longer.

Gently smudge the lip liner inward for a or apply the liner on your entire lip for maximum pigment and staying power. Pop a sheer lipstick or lip gloss on top. Try pairing the colorful selection of Nars Lipliner Pencils with Smashbox’s Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss.
Some companies say that you should define your line after your lipstick application. This has a nice finish as well, however, it doesn’t seem to hold the lips in place as long.
If you are using a stain you should line your lips after stain. Vincet Longo Gel Stain for Lips and Cheeks has an amazing formula that is vertile enough to be used on your cheeks as well.
If you experience feathering or your lip product tends to bleed outside of the lip line apply Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fix Pencil just ouside the lip. This is just as much a preventative measure as it is a fixer-upper.


There are many avenues that one could take when deciding what to do as an artist. Here are some decision making criteria that can help you decide which path to follow…

Film can vary between very low-maintenance to massive prosthetic projects. You have to think fast! The artists in the foreground pull the looks together, and you have the creative thinkers designing the looks over sushi with teams of network gurus. It;s up to you to determine how dirty your hands get.

Cosmetic Line Executives are a special breed. They are just as creative in business as they are in their craft as an artist. This is a good choice of judgement for the analytical, artist type.

CIA/FBI Agencies use artists to completely alter the appearance of agents. This consists of extensive education in prosthetics. What an exciting aspect of the craft!

Cosmetic counter representatives, also known as product specialists, are there to know and understand a particular cosmetic line and build business for a company within a region. This can be a rewarding opportunity when it is done correctly. You really have to understand the concept of clienteling and have a passion for management to appreciate and thrive in this environment.

The successful wedding artist works well under stress. This can be a prominent direction for someone who appreicates and comprehends natural beauty.

Then we have the jet-setting posse type that live by the sides of high-profile celebrities. They have to endure quite the lavish lifestyle in exchange for a very prtty penny. Not only do you have to be fabulous, you usually have to know somebody who knows somebody to get in this gig.

High-fashion artists spend most of their time amidst runways and print shoots. An artist of this genre is just as likely to be self-taught as they would be certified. There are a lot of universal basics that build the foundation to this application process, however, once that is laid the artist’s style changes drastically in the most subtle or outlandish ways.

If you seem to have more of a morbid side and you can’t see youself in the social circuit you may want to consider applying at your local morgue…

I’m telling you… There’s something for everyone in this industry. You have to learn and exercise your resources. A business is a business and in this business if you don’t put yourself out there then no one will know you exist.



Have you ever purchased an eye shadow only to to be disappointed with the lack of staying power or pigment? Does your eyeshadow crease, get patchy or disappear throughout the course of the day? These are indicators that you may be missing an important step to your eye makeup application. You wouldn’t paint a wall without primer, would you? Well, this is the same exact concept. Primers will improve the longevity of your look and enhance color so that you can mainmtain a polished image all day long. Compare these primers and decide which ones will suit you best.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a nude eye base in a cute little genie bottle that works like magic. It’s the ultimate eye prep for smoother, more vibrant shadow and all-day wear, with absolutely no creasing.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a different because it can be used as a matte or dewy finish. Dab a little on the back of your hand and dip your brush in it before applying color to your brush. It won’t ruin your makeup and it has a vivid finish when used this way. For a basic application with matte finish just pat on lid and place color afterward.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics has skin friendly ingredients that enhance the delicate skin on the eye lids, botanicals to soothe distressed lids, Vitamins A, E & C that provide anti-oxidant protection and Eye Bright the newest addition to the Eye Basics family offers anti-inflammatory and healing benefits. This sheer, creamy texture blends easily and smoothly leaving a long-lasting semi-matte finish. Use as a primer or alone to add a little color to your eyes. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer is made in one universal shade and increases longevity. Create the perfect nude eye by applying over the lid for an even tone. The exclusive formula contains Phytomoist, a plant-based hyaluronic acid for ultimate moisturization and amino acids for skin-smoothing benefits. Soft focus pearls help diminish the appearance of fine lines on the lids while the patented Qusome(R) delivery system ensures all ingredients penetrate the skin to deliver effective results.

Bare Escentuals Prime Time has a gentle formula that goes on sheer and lightweight yet provides heavy-duty staying power for the most vibrant and lasting color. The sheer, neutral tint doesn’t interfere with your favorite colors, while the bareMinerals-infused smoothing base keeps excess oil from affecting wear. This formula is free of Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates. Prime Time Eyelid Primer is allergy-tested by dermatologists.



Sculpting the face is a technique that can chizzle cheek bones, narrow the nose and contour the overall shape of your facial structure. When doing this you want to place a highlight on the parts of the face that protrude. This would include your brow bones, forehead, top of the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. Then you’d want to define depth with a semi-matte/matte bronzer. Place the bronzer just under cheek bones. (Place a finger beside your ear to feel your bone placement.) Begin brushing the bronzer underneath and slightly onto the bone with a tapered fluffy brush. Try not to pull it too far onto the apples of your cheeks. Slenderize a round face by pulling the bronzer around your face to just above your temples. Use a fantail brush to place bronzer to the sides of your nose to narrow your nostrils. Using the same brush, try shading your jawbone to create sharper angles. Be careful not to be heavy-handed otherwise you might create ‘muddy’ patches. And be careful not to use bronzers with very much shimmer. Doing so isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. Use the shimmer bronzers as an accessory. They work best when dusted over a finished makeup application.
Mix and match these highlights and semi-matte/matte bronzers…

Smashbox Bronze Lights is a powder that adds sunkissed color to your complexion and enhances and protects your skin while creating a beautiful warm, matte glow. It’s packed with antioxidants and peptides (such as moringa seed extract) to boost the skin’s radiance. The silky matte brush-on formula ensures a natural looking color.

Fresh Satin Luster Face Palette is a pallette of weightless, creamy shimmers that instantly illuminate the skin. Enriched with rejuvenating evening seed oil and nourishing meadowfoam seed oil, these satin lusters create a soft iridescence that makes the skin look like it’s glowing from within.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Shimmer Bronzer is a luxurious powder bronzer with a unique oil-control complex that mattifies the skin and and warms the complection.

Moon Beam by Benefit is an iridescent complexion enhancer. It’s like a 40-watt light bulb for your face! Searching for a highlighter that doesn’t turn ashy on darker skin tones can be quite a challenge. Sisters…Seek no more! Swirl this beautiful creamy highlighter alone into skin or mix into your foundation for a glowing finishing touch.

CARGO blu_ray(TM) Bronzer is matte bronzer created specifically for high-definition filming. It is a universally flattering shade of matte bronzer with a formula that can be easily layered for chiseled cheekbones and picture-perfect results. This bronzer is formulated with optical blurring pigments and photochromatic pigments that adjust with ambient lighting providing a natural finish day or night. The irregular particle size of the powder helps to scatter and diffuse the light, creating an optical blurring that gives the look of a softer, more refined skin texture.

Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder contains pure pearl powder and a rich gemstone complex of diamonds, emeralds and other precious & semi-precious stones. This highlighter reflects light and is the perfect complement to eyes, cheeks or face. It’s discreet pigment infuses complexion with a warm radiance and has a weightless texture that enhances skin tone for a brighter, luminous look.


Using eye liner is a simple way to add color that doesn’t require adding a whole lot of time or skill to your routine. There are many varieties and formulas that you can use to spiff up your color collection. There are thousands of color varieties used in pencil eye liners. Aside from that, we now have creams, liquids, cakes and gels. And who’s to say that you have to stop there. Benefit used to make a deep magenta/red lip liner that I used to keep in my eye liner drawer. I used it almost everyday and received so many compliments when I wore it. I even turned a few friends onto that little trick. Some companies even make a liquid transformer so that you can turn any eye shadow into an eye liner. That's one way to keep your liner uniquely you.

Sometimes applying a thicker top line can make the eye appear too big or too small depending on the shape and lid space. When you apply the top liner I recommend really trying to get it into the top lash line and keeping it as thin as possible. Keeping a color liner in the lashline is a guaranteed technique you can use without altering your eye or personal sytle ina dipleasing manner. So once you get it in there you can build the width and transform the eye if wanted or needed.
Try this...color a little spot on the back of your hand and use a smudge brush to wiggle that color into the bristles and then wiggle into the lower lash line for a natural finish…even with the most vibrant colors. This technique can be used with gel and cream liners as well. And keep in mind that applying a dark color on the inner rim of lower lash line may make eye apper smaller. This is okay for a smokey eye or drama, but for a bigger and brighter eye use a white, light or bright shade on inner rim.

These are some of my favorite finds…

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils

I have every shade of these.  They are waterproof and really stay in place.  I love how vibrant they are!  Warning...Expect compliments when wearing.

Laura Mercier Eye Liner

Laura has mastered the perfect liner for the tightline technique.  This is perfect for the innerr rim on upper lid.  It is water proof and won't fall into eye.  Use a flat, wet liner brush, swirl and get the product into a muddy consisency into the brushand then step in into the upper lash line from inner rim.  Amazing! This is quite the eye opener for ANYBODY!  Right now this comes in black, brown and blue.

Smashbox Cream Eye Liner
Smashbox produces this in a variety of colors and they appeal to anybody who has tried them.  Maybe that is why this product is Sephora's 2008 Best of Sephora winner. I've found that these are easy to manipulate into any style.  'Lava' is THE color for all the blue eyed beauties. 

Chanel Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer

Chanel...I love you.  This formula has a creamy consistency.  It even has a sensual application that stays put and truly gives the feeling and look of couture.  Coffee Bean is my favorite for creating a sexy, brown smokey eye.

Too Faced Starry Eyed Liquid Liner

Too Faced is a fun line to accessorize your makeup kit. It's Starry Eyed Liners are a must have when you want to be in tune to your playful, glam side of your personality.  I recmmend that every kit has atleast one of their variety of shades.

Pencil Eyeliner By NYX

These have become a collectors item for me. You can buy them a dozen at a time without breaking the bank.  If you want the Nars variety (and then some) for next to nothing then you definitely want to try these fun and flamboyant pencils.  The pigment pops and the creativity factor just flows when using the NYX collection. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This product works beautifully when dusted over and concealer. It sets concealer (which most people don't do), and maintains a bright, flawless throughout the day and evening. It comes in two shades that can be used on any skin tone, and alas, it even works well on mature skin...it actually prevents the concealer from creasing. It is on the top of my "must have" list and very very necessary for the personal and pro makeup kit.