Friday, May 7, 2010


This seems to be one of the ‘million dollar’ questions…
The answer will vary based on who you are asking and what product lines you are using. There isn’t always a such a specific procedure to makeup application. This might not seem to be the case as you walk from counter to counter inquiring about what’s proper. Every cosmetic line will have an artist and technique standing behind it. The artist will base their technique on prior training and knowledge or they will base it on the product line formula. Sometimes it’s just a ‘What’s first? The chicken or the egg?’ matter. Everywhere you go you will hear a different answer and occasionally you may bump into a mad makeup maiden who will turn your lips into a 12 step program… Cocktail Please!
Apply a lip liner before you apply the lipstick or gloss. You’ll find that your color will last much longer.

Gently smudge the lip liner inward for a or apply the liner on your entire lip for maximum pigment and staying power. Pop a sheer lipstick or lip gloss on top. Try pairing the colorful selection of Nars Lipliner Pencils with Smashbox’s Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss.
Some companies say that you should define your line after your lipstick application. This has a nice finish as well, however, it doesn’t seem to hold the lips in place as long.
If you are using a stain you should line your lips after stain. Vincet Longo Gel Stain for Lips and Cheeks has an amazing formula that is vertile enough to be used on your cheeks as well.
If you experience feathering or your lip product tends to bleed outside of the lip line apply Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fix Pencil just ouside the lip. This is just as much a preventative measure as it is a fixer-upper.

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