Friday, May 7, 2010


There are many avenues that one could take when deciding what to do as an artist. Here are some decision making criteria that can help you decide which path to follow…

Film can vary between very low-maintenance to massive prosthetic projects. You have to think fast! The artists in the foreground pull the looks together, and you have the creative thinkers designing the looks over sushi with teams of network gurus. It;s up to you to determine how dirty your hands get.

Cosmetic Line Executives are a special breed. They are just as creative in business as they are in their craft as an artist. This is a good choice of judgement for the analytical, artist type.

CIA/FBI Agencies use artists to completely alter the appearance of agents. This consists of extensive education in prosthetics. What an exciting aspect of the craft!

Cosmetic counter representatives, also known as product specialists, are there to know and understand a particular cosmetic line and build business for a company within a region. This can be a rewarding opportunity when it is done correctly. You really have to understand the concept of clienteling and have a passion for management to appreciate and thrive in this environment.

The successful wedding artist works well under stress. This can be a prominent direction for someone who appreicates and comprehends natural beauty.

Then we have the jet-setting posse type that live by the sides of high-profile celebrities. They have to endure quite the lavish lifestyle in exchange for a very prtty penny. Not only do you have to be fabulous, you usually have to know somebody who knows somebody to get in this gig.

High-fashion artists spend most of their time amidst runways and print shoots. An artist of this genre is just as likely to be self-taught as they would be certified. There are a lot of universal basics that build the foundation to this application process, however, once that is laid the artist’s style changes drastically in the most subtle or outlandish ways.

If you seem to have more of a morbid side and you can’t see youself in the social circuit you may want to consider applying at your local morgue…

I’m telling you… There’s something for everyone in this industry. You have to learn and exercise your resources. A business is a business and in this business if you don’t put yourself out there then no one will know you exist.


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